best midi sound module / expander / synth with voice control for keyboard, wind controller, breath controller, Akai EWI, EWI5000, EWI4000s, EWI USB, Softwind Synthophone, Yamaha WX5, WX7, WX11, Aodyo Sylphyo, MIDI-FLUTES, MIDI guitar and almost every possible MIDI controller perfect for use in recording studios, on live gigs, concert performance, stage, theater, show, jazz, pop, classical music, film composition and more ... - designed by Ingo Scherzinger -
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Pick your XpressO flavor

The XpressO comes now in 6 different flavors / colors: ● Blackberry out of stock (October 2022) ● Blackberry (black buttons) out of stock (October 2022) ● Blueberry out of stock (October 2022) ● Strawberry out of stock (October 2022) ● Lime out of stock (October 2022) ● Sunflower out of stock (October 2022) Orange (sold out) not available anymore! The XpressO is out of stock ! ! ! According to our suppliers delivery times of several months (that we cannot verify or guarantee) are expected. The next XpressOs will not be delivered before October 2022 or possibly later. The XO-mini is still available in limited quantities. The XpressO has the same excellent sound engine of its big brother XPression and uses the same outstanding sample library including the great sounding and responsive analog modeling synthesizer that can be played on its own or combined with the samples for added sonic richness. Now playing top quality instruments is more affordable than ever! The limitation of the XpressO in comparison to the XPression is only in the voice count (2 plus 6 new aux voices) and the IN/OUT options (1 stereo out, no line in, 2 foot pedal, 4 foot switches). All functions (including the graphical patch editor) of the XPression are available now even with the outstanding polyphonic power of the XPression. For more details read here: XpressO_FAQ_(EN).pdf XpressO_FAQ_(FR).pdf XpressO_Connectors.pdf XpressO_Technical_Specifications.pdf XpressO Quickstart.pdf (EN, DE, FR) XpressO-Manual 2.0 Rev0 (beta).pdf (EN)

Known Issues

EWI_Basics EWI5000 & Solo MIDI setup & calibration ( IMPORTANT ! ! ! )

Watch the video:

"- - - - - Update version 2.0.0 RC15.5 for the XpressO and XO-mini has been released. Please read the Update ReadMe and Known Issues - - - - - Update version 2.0.0 RC15.5 for the XpressO and XO-mini has been released. Please read the Update ReadMe and Known Issues - - - - - "

New sound features of the update release 2.0.0 RC10 to 14:

(all tracks played with one XpressO in one take - no external effects added)

Dual Instruments

Infinite Flute

Pulsating Sax

Cello Drone

Jimmy Flute

Cello Impression

Mark (analog)

Rotator Brecker

4 Part Brass


„Take Me Back“

XpressO & XO-mini

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